NEWSPORT DAILY-Marathon Newspaper Promotional for seagrass research

Her first whale seal was heard on the & # 39; Great Barrier Reef and was made possible with the money raised through Run for the Reef.

When more than 2,500 people competed in the Fèis GBR Marathon last month they also had a " offers valuable research assets to help you understand marine life at risk.

The event in November added the $ 100,000 now taken by Run for the Reef since 2013.

The final run for the Reef events has allowed the satellite administrator to buy and already provides valuable information on this species that is listed in the world's species at risk from UNISC.

The researcher JCU and Biopixel Oceans Foundation, Dr Adam Barnett said that the information that the administrator offers to help scientists is better to use. Understanding the Reef ecosystem.

"This information will add to more information on the importance of the Great Rebuilding for these species, which includes the areas of the rock that they will & Using and how often, "he said.

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