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OCA has never paid the AFIP and is already a debt collection of $ 5.850 million – 12/25/2018

In the last few months, OCA debt growth with the AFIP, which is increasing. already claiming $ 5,850 million. The largest private messenger in Argentina, connected to the trucking director Hugo Moyano, more and more taxes and he can not get back on the way.

At the end of last year, he was willing to $ 3,400 million. In mid-year the debts amounted to $ 5,000 million. Justice raised the arrangements on your bank accounts, so you can pay your debts with the AFIP. "But now you need almost $ 1,000 million", said an official source. He said: "He still collects debt and pays anything, they do not pay salaries, so the situation is unstable."

According to the AFIP results, OCA is debt with the company that is collection, which is bankrupt, for $ 3,900 million. But after the end of the creditors' meeting, last May, OCA continued to gather post-deer debt, which increases monthly and has already reached $ 1,950 million.

The AFIP, led by Leandro Cuccioli, continued to abolish the OCA owner, Patricio Farcuh, of the company's managing bodies. But Marcelo Griffi's co-administrator was very brief in his position, since retiring at the end of September, when Farcuh paid employees' salary from three non-friendship companies with OCA and stopped social and fiscal costs; month, for $ 234 million.

"This inconvenient situation we believe will always be reported in the coming months," said Griffi at the time. "The company has a monthly deficit, which does not have any financial means in the situation of the solution In this situation, co-administration activity is totally remarkable," he said the posting letter.

Then, AFIP ask that the company has a & # 39; get involved completely. But as there was no agreement in the Labor Ministry, in terms of who would be financially controlled, the judge requested that it be resolved by the High Court of Justice of Buenos Aires. But there is a delay in the decision and, if you follow this route, OCA may have lost the postal operator's license and broken.

In addition, the Farcuh collecting group tells in the # 39; Economic Criminal Court, where Judge Javier López Biscayart He put it on, earlier this month, to commit a crime to & # 39; Provide limited support for social security grants, with a $ 500 million ban.

Since Justice Lomas de Zamora opened their membership to OCA, last November, the route was ruined so he could pay his tax debts. But that did not happen. The AFIP allowed to submit payment plans for debts received after a bankruptcy, that it did not meet; and use the money that was caught to pay their tax debts, which they did not apply too.

So far Moyano has got his postcode to continue to & # 39; Extend its license, notwithstanding the amount of a free debt taxation certificate, which is necessary to record the OCA registration in the # 39; list of postal operators.

The OCA has 7,000 employees, with 6,000 connected to Truckers, the union of which paid part of the salary during several months of 2016, when Moyano took control of his company with power.

The Government says that he wants to go "pretty" like that mail to pay the debt to the AFIP. In his most dramatic idea, OCA could sink in a credit unless it finds a solution to taxation; long & nbsp; can restructure and decrease the staff's flora, if it happens to get back its fiscal statement.

"Everything indicates that OCA is going to attack, but no one wants to be responsible for doing it," said an official source. It will be essential to ensure that there is an essential strength in 2019 to start the largest private mail in the country; pay their taxes.

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