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Oil companies would name low fuel

2 December 2018 – 01:02
Premium naphthas fell by an average 4% and Super jumped just by just 2 per cent in December.

The oil companies, with leading YPF, are preparing for a fall in naphtha next week, which can reach some 4% cases, after falling into a 100-year international raw oil, yesterday.

Energy Secretary Javier Iguacel has been considering his & her; with the oil companies, so yesterday's officials said yesterday that the pumps will show the lowest level for consumers who suffer a strong 70% increase through Year.

Not only has the argument that the Government gave Brent's barrel, which is given as a sign in Argentina, but also the exchange stability, beyond the reconciliation of the dollar.

For this reason, the oil companies have returned that this month is more than two-fold fuel volumes, which are applied to dual-carbon dioxide emissions and the classic ITC.

Since December, the two tax rates of almost 25% have been valued at their value.

Therefore, some crops, such as Super naphtha, are estimated to be low in December, only 2%.

On the other hand, naphthas premium fell by an average 4%, according to the accounts finished by the oil companies by checking the costs in their detectors.

According to official data, boats of naphthas and diesel fell by 2.8% last October compared to the same month of 2017.

But Premium naphtha used significantly, with 28.8%, due to the continued increase in prices at the pumps, and this would be the result of the reduction in prices higher in this fuel. In one year he went to sell 253 cubic meters just 180,000.

In a high quality Diesel case of 3, the 6.6% discount decrease in the last 12 months.

November had begun with a 5% increase in Shell and Axion, but they had to increase the second half through the week because YPF, which is running a & # 39; A 56% market average, just 2.5% changed.

CNG arose in Buenos Aires

Combined Natural Gas (CNG) price from yesterday to $ 16 per cubic meters in the city of Buenos Aires and suburbs in Buenos Aires.
Therefore, the CNG price in the Buenos Aires city area ranges from $ 14 to $ 16 per cubic meters, and rest of the country the values ​​are higher.
It was ratified by the former president of the Chamber of Expenders GNC, Pedro González.
Gonzalez explained that the Gas Natural BAN and Metrogas areas have a 14% increase, and the new values ​​will continue until April 30.
"This is good because it provides a pre-introductory framework in the inflation context," said González about a & # 39; maintains prices until the next April, when the current contracts expire. On the reasons for the increase in the price of CNG, the businessman explained that these contracts ending in April are the only ones in the country in pesos and that is from the reduction "we & # 39; leaving with remaining prices ".

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