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People who had Hantavirus suffered in Chubut in birth date

The six deaths depend Hantavirus was distributed in the town of Chubut Epuyén They knew each other. Today we know that there are 50 people who may have a "" impact on its & # 39; virus, birthday birth date with the first person who sustained the disease.

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They all, including the deceased, and # 39; live in Epuyen and belong to the same family circle and friends. To date, 19 serious cases were recorded (counting the dead six), 8 removed, 1 pathetic and 2 under sight.

But its biggest responsibility is at a & # 39; This virus breaks the virus that was broadcast by rock rods and the attractive person personally. The doctor Teresa Strella He said that this accident "happened through close contact with patients, in the first time of the febrile program between the first 48 and 72 hours."

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He also explained that "this is something amazing" and "we do not believe that the virus is more agile than the other seasons. There were cases in Hantavirus at this time, as it happens in other parts of the country. "He also clarified that" all cases were recorded in the town of Epuyén without being registered in others in the area. "

As confirmed by local doctors, everything started on 24 November when a teenager's birthday was marked. There was a peal in which the disease was contracted for a & # 39; cleaning shed. He also gave the wife the bail and the party's daughter.

He and his wife got back. However, the 14-year-old girl died. This happened on December 3 and was the teenager. first suffered. From that meeting, other issues arose, so much as there were about 50 people. related to that remote circle, in a type of chearantine.

Regarding the doctor's remoteness issues Jorge Elías He said that a remarkable measure of individually selected was deepened. "We identify each of the close links that have good issues and respond to them in a personal way." And then he added that at this time he was still living alone at home.

Hantavirus is a disease that is a disease; come from creatures, which directly affect human respiratory species and can be fatal if it is not treated in time.

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