Peter Alfonso spoke for the first time of Antonio Antonio Rosario3 sit-in

The news was that Peter Alfonso and Antonio Gasalla were going to look together in the Carlos Paz summer season; very little. Whether that was quickly published with great exile and a funny video, Gasalla stopped at the door and got off. After a while, Alfonso and his wife Paula Chaves spoke about this situation.

In the program, trust the trust: "Fortunately, I have a short song, in person I'm sorry I can not achieve a dream.. Antonio, when the work was offered, was the first thing that was told that the book was the book; and it was very happy, "said Pedro.

In terms of her, Paula explained: "Pedro had more meetings, I did not even come together but I'm feeling that things have finished well, there was no anger be ".

And how were the things between them? "The relationship is good, he still talks to the production, I hope we can do something in the future," Pedro finished.

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