Pity Martínez: "I gave the fans what they deserve, they wait for me and it's all for them" – 12/09/2018

"The pity does not leave, the pity does not leave, it does not leave, the pity does not leave." The singing came from the northern heads of Santiago Bernabéu. The River was already supporting America. And he himself, a user than ever, liked to & # 39; Copa Libertadores, an unnamed Cup in 2015. But this one has another taste. And it's reasonable. In that one he was a place. In this destination and vital. Like it ever. Not only in the Libertadores. Also in the upper classes.

He is the biggest player in the River Boca. They made a sentence in a & # 39; first part of the eighth of the Libertadores 2015. And Carlos Sanchez relies for him. Al Pity is happy with his Bombonera: he organized a good focus in 3-1 of 2017 for his & her; competition. He looked at at least three months ago: he played twenty minutes and was wounded. He got to be a figure. Six months before he was one of the best 2-0 rivers in Mendoza, which is a popular Supercup Argentine. He made the first one with a penalty that was done well. And now these borders.

La Bombonera was in attendance at Lucas Pratto for 1-1 and replaced Izquierdoz's center for 2-2. As if that were not enough, he looked good at this time, when Boca went with his ability to pull it and the minutes and seconds were finished to complete it. The best closure. Note to your national championship to prove that the River is a warrior in America.

The whole of the joy of that child was Pity, who was Watching the River on TV from Guaymallén, in Mendoza. So they can celebrate the father, a follower of Millo. And his brothers. And her child, Pilar: she talks about her eyes and eyes.

He also broke his hot penalty in her & # 39; final in Porto Alegre. "Pity Martinez, how sad he is," they sang with him. The most popular 2-star fighting at its Bombonera.

Mercy came to the River in 2015 as an alternative to 4 million dollars. It was up and down. He was fighting with the fans. For a breach in early 2017 after a group spoke to the physiologist in the geology, Sandra Rossi, who works in the staff. "I do not want to leave it because I know it's going to burst somewhere else. And I want it to blast me," said Gallardo to Clarin at that time. And it was right Now it will go. Atlanta of the United States will wait for you …

It's interesting what Pity says, the Boca expert, who is important in this hero in America: "I do not know what it says to me. Trouble things. I'm going to miss you a lot. The most beautiful months I was staying in this club. It wants to give joy to the people who filled the playground. I want to tell people not I'm going on. It's a very tough decision. The road continues. I gave the fans what they deserve. They were waiting me and it's all for them. "

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