Playstation Classic has been cut, it is now easy to easily create new games


On the 3rd of December, Playstation Classic was officially released, a mini-console revival of Sony's 32-pocket console.

Remember that the consulates come up with 20 games, with a & # 39; their ability to all; come into English and some in the European version 50 times, which returns back over one.

But as he saw his arrival, a few days later, two shecks came to be able to carry extra games through the USB port of the second command, even though it was in a little bit.

Now, the process has been simplified enough, thanks to BleemSync, an application that will allow us to add new titles and appear in the user's interface as a consensus as one of the lines, based on lolck.

If so, as it is now, it's not an early process, since we need to create a system of beans and files to create the system for each game, as we can read in the reading with BleemSync.

An application that is constantly updated, so this may change in future versions. But anyone who wants to start can be reduced by their & # 39; rubbish.

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