Prayer for Hawaii monk peat, who keeps suffering from & # 39; leave the eel

You can think about life a Hawaiian monk seal would be very easy. Hanging out on a beach, a & # 39; swim about it in some crystalline, eating some fish – very beautiful, right?

WRONG. For the Hawaiian mansion seals; In it, you MUST be struggling to THIS: a & # 39; get the day of EEL's day preserved in the Lord DAMN NOSE.

Look at that seal. Have you ever seen a word that "I think this is my life now lol"What's worse than that bad bad seal? Honestly, despite being a seal and not getting an eel at my moment Involving my schnozz, I can do fact.

The pic is licensed National Water Administration and InflationS Hawaiian Monk Seal Research program. They put out the picture that was very nice to them Facebook page, where he has received over 1,000 shares and his / her; worrying the views of everyone asking the same question: what is the fuck going here?

Which one NOAA "he said.Dunno. "

It seems that the organic search is not starting to see the eel eel-eel within the last few years, despite being & # 39; investigating the seals for more than four decades.

They have told the media that they do not have an idea of ​​what is causing the spiral in eel-related events.

We do not know whether this is just anxiety of strange statistics or something we can see more in the future.

Fortunately, all the seals that they saw have been successful.

All the seals we met in this slippery situation were rapidly captured by our response teams and the eel was quickly and quickly. All seals were released and did not reveal any issues from the events.

What is compelled to & # 39; question: do the seals carry duck up there like … hobbies? They may want to handle the researchers. And the eels may have a & # 39; Express some of the stomach equality. And the seals may be just dumb. Whatever is going on, the internet has a & # 39; enjoy it.

Imagine it, you're crazy diamond eel-huffing seals. Never stop what you love: a & # 39; stealing eel.


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