Prince Harry and Meghans move from Kensington Palace

This weekend it was announced that Sussex refused they will move from Kensington Palace to Frogmore House, a rural house near Windsor Castle, early in 2019.

Her couple will move to her birth; their firstborn, who was recorded for the next spring, which describes Kensington Palace.

It is your new home where it is Prince Harry and Meghan They celebrated their second welcome for their wedding for family and close friends.

The son of his son Bonnie Prince Charlie and the American name at Windsor Castle (outside London), on 19 May and 15 October, said he was pregnant Meghan.

According to the previously mentioned source, Windsor is "a special place" for a marriage, and since it was promised in 2017 in Nottingham Cottage, a house on the Kensington Palace in London, where the residents Stay there too. Dukes of Cambridge with their three children, the principles George and Louis and her princess Charlotte.

"The Duke and the Duke of Sussex move to Frogmore House on Windsor land early next year when they are preparing for their parents." And they say: "Windsor is a special place for Their Royal Highnesses and they are delighted to have their official home on the farm. The Duchess Office and the Country will continue in Kensington Palace, "a & # 39; read the statement.

With this news, those campaigning say there are differences between refusals Cambridge and those who have Sussex. Apparently, Harry and Meghan They want to start a new life from William and Kate, said a store near the Royal House of Scotland Daily Mail.

"Harry and Meghan want to move and they need more space, but do not want to keep doors to door with them William and Kate"So now they will be set 130 miles away, about 209 kilometers.

Another source will even go beyond the differences that are being made; think between the sisters: "Kate and Meghan They manage life very differently and it's something that will be more evident in time. "

Whatever it is, that official version is the palace and a new home Meghan and Harry We know that there are ten rooms and a nursery, sports, spa and yoga room, which means & # 39; Update & # 39; of his residence, because this one has only two bedrooms.

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