Proof of mourning to Mars SBS News

Marsh spacecraft in Mars is to be dead; first survey inside the deepest of its planet if it is run safely.

The InSight survey is recorded for land on Martian ground at about 8pm on Monday evening (0700 AEDT Tuesday), scientists say.

InSight should use the best of our interior interior inside Mars, and & # 39; using a mechanical memorandum to a tunnel of five meters deep in order to measure internal heat, and seismometer to record circuits, meteorite strikes and anything else that may start the retention of its red planet .

Scientists think Mars has a quick time. It is not so geologically active than Earth just as big as it preserves much of its early history.

If successful, the test will restore feedback, and allow scientists to learn about how a rocky world created the Earth and its; Moon over 4.5 billion years ago.

It comes after having a large 20km wide lake found under the shade of the southwest ice; Red Planet earlier this year.

The discovery, which has a huge impact on Mars's surviving life chances, is carried out by a European probation survey; Using a radar that affects the ground.

This is the first time that a massive body of water water has been reinforced on Mars.

Mike Meyer, NASA's leading NAS scientist for Mars research, said Martian surface is too cold and dry, with too much radiation bombs, to live now.

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