Reasons: can people with alcohol drink drink?

Buenos Aires (The Intransigent) – The spending milk In alcoholic people it can be one of the main doubts for those who are living with this disease. And in that case, there are many legends among those who say that it is uncomfortable because they are in a position; Diseases such as drowsiness, flu, breeding, and those who say they have no risk.

It is a drink in a milk that will help to; Using the essential level of essential nutrition but in democracy, is it or not?

In addition to the myths of milk consumption, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) is a " Show that milk provides essential nutrients, high biological, high-quality, healthy salts and an important source of milk. food, listing the specialty site.

In this way, the consumption of milk in the democracy should not be protected if specific issues do not prevent the consumption, such as filthiness, victimization or other conditions that the doctor may have; dealt with. In general, equals or a portion of total milk are supplied:

– 95 calories

– 12 grams of charbohydrates

– 2 grams of fat

– 9 grams of protein.

What is the milk that is recommended for people with diabetes?

Therefore, the choice of the type of milk and the appropriate amount (allowance) are the basic points to balance the patient's diabetic diet's diet. The recommendations of milk consumption should be the main objective of avoiding pits in the diet, which provides the essential nutrition with a balance in energy donation. Excessive calories (energy), saturated fat or carbohydrates can cause a high degree of blood sugar, severe or obesity.

In this regard, a cup of milk suck is 240 ml per day. However, in each case, the proposal may change according to the individual's individual characteristics, so you must visit the Nutrition expert for personal praise.

The proposal for people with diabetes is to choose tasty milk or low milk. If lacta sufferers are present, the delayed versions should be selected. You can also make different wear with a drink of a plant. For example, the choices made by almoin, bark or bird.

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