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Recording in the use of electronic money: each Argentinean averaged 8 jobs per month last year

It is a major example of Public Finance Administration (AFIP) in a year that begins with a huge downturn in 2018 the use that is in its wake. increasingly on electronic money with businesses and families. It also contributes to & # 39; eliminate complex movements, especially in sales, where the black economy is estimated to be more than 1 in 3 actions.

According to the Red Connection report "in 2018 it was recorded in electronic affairs ending its year with almost 405 million in December, 22% in respect of the same period in advance and 36% greater than 297 million in December 2016 ". In the average of 12 months there was just over 345 million per month, about 8 per resident in 30 days.

LINDE LINE's name with established channels in December 2018 in 95 points were adjusted for inflation and seasonality, with 100 daily daily bases of the year in 2017, and the rate was in pesos with the same 85 pounds center, in the two higher cases 84.3 points of index of total private ratings at the economic set of banks (current account and savings account).

He also showed the private report "Specific records were seen in the total amount of jobs, to a little more than $ 302.103 million in December, 40.7% higher than one year earlier, with an average of $ 226 billion per annum and a 37.1% growth, one percentage points greater than the total demand of; money.

Such a help has been made in the use of electronic money in reaching a maximum historical figure of 32.9% of the total private sector money, which was invested in the entire financial system in the December, and an average of 29 2 percentage points per annum.

The study decides that "in an unhealthy situation with a 5.1% reduction of the average balance of total private investments, in 2018 is maintained, increasing the use of electronic systems LINDE LINK's electronic electronics usage level in poor consumption decreased by 1.1% for inflation.

The moonlight Equity in use, such as security that represents a low-level circulation of money, it is estimated that it will be a & # 39; Increase the growth of money that moves through home banking, the electronic corridor and the ATM, after the debt card has been distributed to most staff, in terms of the integrity of practitioners and pensioners and recipients of social plans, such as the Common Parent Allowance.

However, in the declining economy, and where there are more and more normal jobs such as costs, fees, insurance, and telephone and internet services, among others, are processed by self- mobile cards in the use of credit cards, the balance available for electronic money payments, cell phone, computer, or the ATM network of the banking system.

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