Reduced decline: estimated that two thirds of Argentinian will cost less Christmas gifts


Reduction in phase growth and subsequent increase in inflation in 2018 has led to a huge disruption to the economy. In this context, a private analysis conducted an analysis of how the decline of holiday gifts would affect and it decides Two out of three Argentinians are planned reduce costs on Christmas gifts.

According to the report of the consultant Kantar TNS, 95% of Argentinians celebrate Christmas, 15% celebrate them without gifts and the other 80% donating gifts, 66% will reduce the cost by & # 39; implementing different options. "It is expressed, as a strategy, lesser purchases of gifts and at a lower price," he said.

The report states that 84% will receive cheaper messages, and others will select donations only for the closest relatives or the small people. Some people buy their purchases to find incentives or offers or to share expenses with family or friends.

"The current situation is making it a strategy for purchasing less and less expensive gifts", Kantar TNS's Accountant, Tom Veitz, analyzed according to Argentine News.

The report said that "you have been the best sections you have chosen for this Christmas Clothes with 71%; games and toys with 51%, and 23% reflect on beauty and personal care materials ".

"When they ask about the payment method, almost 68% will decide to do so in cash, and 32% in installments in installments, 21% in a card double-fold and 15% credit card selected in payment ", the survey indicated.

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