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Resident Evil's dates have already been released on Switch

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Although there are no plans to make a port Evil Resident 2 a Switch, voter fans are able to play three of the classic titles of the series very quickly in the & # 39; complex communication. Capcom on the date on which it was abandoned RE-0, 1 and 4 It will be available for download.

It will be 21 May when the three games are available in the home eShop de Nintendo. The recent versions we have seen on other platforms are recent. As long as you can do your digital repository from 28 February.

In America, games Owner 0 0 and Poor at residence 1 It will be purchased together in the home Collection of Origins. Although they are in Europe, they are able to buy the three games individually.

From October 2018 discussions were made about plans to bring such games Switch, but there was no new information on topic. Make games Resident resident in consoles Nintendo It's not a weird thing. That's why Owner 0 0 so Evil Residential 4 they came out first GameCube.

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