River-Boca: Marcelo Gallardo and his response to Mauricio Macri after dealing with "culón" – 12/11/2018

Long before the end of the story was known by the American River concert in Madrid, the president Mauricio Macri He launched a phrase that inspired strong anger among the River leaders. He did that when he visited a medicine surgery, where he was confident he was confident about the final Copa Libertadores in informal conversation with the staff, although he was afraid Marcelo Gallardo.

"How do we do it for Saturday?", He asked for his & # 39; president of his eyes on the first leg of the final, which was last played on the Sabbath after the flood fell to reach and playground; Bombonera.

Some of the staff told him they were Boca fans. And Macri, who was recorded by a cell phone camera, let me go and he showed his desire to benefit xeneize, with a picture for the Tech Tech Director: "This time we have to give it, this is a culón of Gallardo …".

A & # 39; The first one that built the president of the River President, Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, who was later followed by responding with concern. "In full respect for the president, I believe that the responsibility and responsibility of the directors, at this time, is not to make chicanas or jokes as anything like that , "said Núñez club leader in a program of La Nación +.

Gallardo himself is the one who never spoke. He did only in the last hours of Monday during his long exchange with the journalists who traveled to Madrid. Sweet for the Copa Libertadores, the fourth in the history of the River and the second man under the direction of a coach, chose the doll for diplomacy.

"I need to be very careful by responding to this question. I do not think it is fair for me to comment on it. He is president of the Nation and he is deserving of my respect as president of all Argentineans"replied Gallardo to finalize the debate.

The DT, to avoid all types of controversy, he knows the numbers are back up. And the factor is already lucky. In the four and a half years of control at the end of the River there are already 9 Olympic games – six international and three local -. The only debts of the local competition are. But, at this time, it's not a lot for Millionaire fans.

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