River followers in Puerta del Sol: "This flag is the people!", They say in Spain

Flag of the River, in Puerta del Sol Well: Reuters

MADRID.- Followers

The River

They met at Puerta del Sol, where they can make a banner in support of their team. Tomorrow will be played as a final end

Cup Libertadores

between the millions and


in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium and a Spanish city has been brought back with this historic transport.

Thousands of River fans signing in Madrid are the support of their team. Mar Francisco and Roberto, who arrived on a Friday morning from Buenos Aires town. "It's unusual for us – the banner of Puerta del Sol – just the same disgrace," said Francisco
THE NATION. In terms of hanging on Saturday, November 24, Francisco says that's giving him a "bit of shame". He says: "It's worried that the final thing of the most important competition we need to do in Spain."

But there are also Spanish Spaniards fans. That is Carlos's case, which is with his son Carlitos. "It's a good fortune to see the Copa Libertadores here," said Carlos. There are also citizens who were not born in Spain, as things are Allan, Iraq. "This banner is the host!" Alana's superb, who has been living in the Spanish city for 20 years, said.

Flag of the River, in Puerta del Sol
Flag of the River, in Puerta del Sol Well: Reuters

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