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Road tourism: Matias Rossi hard-working hard after his controversial interpretation of her & # 39; Golden Cup – 12/26/2018

Matías Rossi lost the first two of the TC 2019 system as a result of the suspension of the Road Tourism Corps Association (ACTC) as a result of its comments before and after The final test of this year, which was run in San Nicolás and in which his Gold Couple was defined.

ACTC Advisory and Management Commission not only did he put two suspension dates, but also a fine of 200,000 pesos The pilot of Del Viso, who was in charge of a quiz punished by the acting commissioners after the first series played on Sunday 9 December, before the end of the final destination. Encouraging Agustín Canapino.

Rossi, who had reached that date as a director of his & her; Gold Cup, he won his first row in San Nicolás, but then he was repaired by the post as a result of a dangerous move Initially against Dodge Jonatan Castellano, another of the pilots who fought for the title and his stop to go to # 39; stay with the first place in the & # 39; that was.

"It was hard. I thought they had a lot of crime and that they were going to stop, but no, there is something that's wrong; Overcoming all that happened. This was one of the biggest clearances; at my sporting career. It's not easy to understand what Castellano did, he likes to explain his or her play on the desktop. I do not understand the decisions of sports commissioners, "he sent off the pilot of Del Viso following the decision of the leaders and before playing the final.

Following a race with water, won by Alan Ruggiero and allowed Canapino (the second) to go up with his third title, Rossi, who finished 12th, wrote on his Twitter account: "Today I suffered one of the biggest clearances in my sporting career, crime in lines, and subtracting opportunities ".

The Missile also advocated the lack of sanctions "in time and form" for the pilots just before the start began; go back to the stones to change the stomachs when it started to flip on its & # 39; tour. The boy's sport in the 2014 season considered that the actions of the keepers had been "Disaster, unfairness and lack of level".

As a result of these statements, Rossi was asked to give evidence on this Wednesday before the Advisory and Management Commission at the ACTC's headquarters, but he would prefer to appear. After a while, he was told to hang.

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