Rodolfo D 'Onofrio: "There are 200 or 250 followers from Boca who say they're going to kill me"

The historic game that will be held in the & # 39; Santiago Bernabéu between The River and Beul There are more and more content in The events in Memorial Cairn, the bids to Conmebol and the uncertainties associated with the struggle for everlasting glory are some of the things that will play drama Superclassic exports.

This was shown Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, president of the institution Núñez, where Spain he interviewed the newspaper Countryside and they embraced their international commitment in the & # 39; White House of the Real Madrid it seems "shame ".

"It's something amazing. Allows security system in total. It's not just a problem Argentinathere In Europe there are also sections of violence, "said the leader of the case Millionaire before comparing the facts recorded in the & # 39; Antonio Vespucio Liberti with those who were held in the party The European League between the AEK of Athens and the Ajax: "The other day I saw a game in which no stones were thrown, the holes were thrown ".

In this way, the owner of the Buenos Aires entity said "River is not responsible " of what happened Memorial Cairn. "This was recognized by the highest security authorities of the Town and the Nation," he said.

"There were 40 or 50 offenders They do not have to be in football and you must kill them forever. The river fan is not guilty of anything. Boca bus should not be allowed to go through a place where people can do such activities "continuation Onofrio Diet.

He also analyzed the current situation of Argentine pen penalty, where clubs are not allowed to access how they should be "."What is needed is done in Russia, a Fan ID"he explained.

Fears of new events cause the greatest tension Madrid. His own words, the president The River There are bad risks today: "There are 200 or 250 followers of my mouth who say they're going to kill me "he did.

Compared to this, fans continue to. Band They have a completely different situation. "The river is 100% with me, not the bar, people, because I am I do not know a brave bar. I never did it. The only thing I want is not there, "he said.

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