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"Rulo" Schijman talked about an old CQC member and said "there was never a good wave"

No doubt, Easan Drop Who It was one of the most successful programs made on the Argentine television. His innovative style for the small screen and rebellion of those who carried out a large audience of audiences began the process of a novel journalism in the mid 90s.

The successes of the program for a number of years are audio interviews, simple language and direct interviews. In addition, Mario Pergolini, creator and format director through Cuatro Cabezas, created instant sympathy with the audience.

But there is nothing permanent and "there is a limit to everything," as the theme of the Green Dwarf says. With regards to Pergolini the fare came in 2008, after thirteen years at the top of a circle which made it a benchmark for national television, at a time when Marcelo Tinelli and others wanted to confirm their representations.

The driver noted pre and post-product results, which continued for a few years, but without the same opportunity. From Ernestina Pais to Roberto Pettinato, there were many trips and rotations until it completed in 2014.

The success seen on the screen was less important for some of CQC's members, recently describing how their experiences in the program and their relationship with other colleagues have been shared. One of those who spoke “rulo” Schijman was highly verbal Andy Kusnetzoffthe PH Podemos Hablar por Telefé member of the CQC: "the times I saw it, it didn't feel good," said the old reporter in Intrusos.

In addition, he added that "there was not such a big line," but "that was not good vibes" to make notes by Andy, which was considered one of the references to national journalism t .

The television achievements were not celebrated in the union of a group of successful professionals. The different scenarios appear to have contributed to some members' issues and nature more fault than they were entitled.

Will anyone else be encouraged to talk about the CQC residents?

Watch the "rulo" statements in attackers:

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