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There is no other day in the history of her & # 39; human beings on July 21, 1969. Is that day, the American nose Niall Armstrong, with support from his colleague Buzz Aldrin, in the white model Eagle Apollo 11 they made one of the best games in history: a & # 39; going on the moon. So Armstrong, as a leader of the mission, made this amazing jump, with the help of Aldrin, being the first people to be able to; dusty surface on Earth's natural satellite. "This is a small step for someone, but a human jumping", he told Niall a great euphoria after putting his legs on the satellite, a phrase marked by a fire in history. That picture, is seen by millions of people through television images to many countries around the world, and it has influenced many people, most of their minds with her; that moment. But, from that time, and despite the confirmation of the United States Aerospace Action Group (NASA), in fact it's true; That first moon, on the other hand, many people were convinced that this event would be true, to argue that everything was a movie montage was very good. It is doubtful that it can be clarified if it is confirmed in a few months. Is that in 2019, when five decades of that historic month, Russia, is one of the most determined countries on that route (and then the Soviet Union, as well as being a high- Another power in these decades was a competition with Americans directly in the space race), trying to prove, through a mission, if Armstrong (and obviously Aldrin) was currently on the moon. For this Dmitry Rogozin, Roscosmos's general director, Russian space organization, has already been nominated as a motive of purpose for the moon that is responsible for determining whether a moon in Apollo 11 is true.

Why are the doubts?

You can see a figure that could be more than 530 million people when Armstrong, the "spider hero" as he said at the time, put his leg on top that no other person had been there until then. It was thought to have been a great experience and a great influence for everyone. However, I think that the pictures and videos of the Apollo campaigns that are available are only available; appearing through NASA, there is no independent proof that proves that a & # 39; moon coming bigger than simple misery.

In this context, Rogozin made this presentation in a meeting broadcast live on Twitter by the current president of Moldova, Igor Dodon. During the lecture, Rogozin answered a question about whether NASA had ever reached its moon in history. While he was & # 39; In response, the Russian leader headed a smell and stopped Russian business. But he immediately made clear that his next intention will seek to find the answer on a billion dollar issue. "We have set this aim to travel and confirm whether they have existed or not", he said illegally.

The treaty

It should be noted that the associated theories of embarking on NASA's Apollo mission are very attractive across Russia. Depending on these theories that typically explore everything, the Yankee government would have been in & # 39; handle the man up to her Moon for her & # 39; indicate how to influence the place, and so do it; crosses the Soviet Union in the face of the world, when the two cold warpowers that opposed disputes in the military race and in the homosexuality of their political ideas were so different .

In this regard, in 2015, an old spokeswoman for the Russian Audit Committee asked the authorities to conduct a formal investigation to publish the true truth behind the NASA designated moon paths. "We do not say they did not travel to the Moon and just made a movie about that", he wrote in an article published by Izvestia na Rise newspaper. He said: "These technologies are scientific, or perhaps cultural, part of humanity's legacy, and our losses are to be lost without a trace. Research out what happened really ".

Efforts paid

The Russian suspicions rose immediately that it was known that Armstrong and Aldrin had seized on the Selenite surface, the Soviet Union would also have to reach its moon, but they had to go away from the lunar missions after breaking four of their experimental rockets and broke those trips.

This may have been the reason why, five decades later, the Russians are willing to rid the chips and, if they do not start to, playing their mission and purpose for the moon in 2019, which might be likely, they could prove or deny Armstrong was in the Earth's natural satellite.

Is this the biggest fraud in history?

The dispute has not been submitted immediately, except for the Russians who were constantly quieted about the arrival of Apollo 11 to the Moon. But, and every time you ask for evidence on her & # 39; moon, the most powerful image given by NASA rule over American American flag icon decades flying on the surface of the moon.

But in that context, the ones who have been in the & # 39; live by paths and decisions to repeat that a move is banner clearly indicates that a & # 39; wind, which can not be done in the place. Anyway, Houston, where NASA's headquarters, which was not quiet, were said through communication, at the time of the capture, that Aldrin had to move the flag to keep it on the moon floor, That caused that strange move.

Others who definitely have a & # 39; moon coming to & # 39; consider that the US director Stanley Kubrick He could have helped NASA to defeat his first excavation, since his film in 1968 called "2001: Space Odyssey" is a " shows that technology at that time creatively created a similar situation.

In terms of stomachs Virgil I. Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee, who died during a fire while long as the United States government would distributing equipment for his first mission, as the usual conspirators were put to death so that they did not reveal the facts about the incident. Teory sings but not impossible. As it is about a recent death, the famous American amphibian Graham McHardy, who often uses the name of the Streetcap1 name, died in secret situations, just after going to & # 39; find out something in the sight of one of the long-term opponents; as it was on the surface of the moon. Interestingly, the personality on the surface of the moon did not carry the security backpack that were the rooms used at the spatial ventures.

Worry with just a few paths

Throughout the history, the United States and Russian Federation (and previously when that country was over the Soviet Union) kept tightened by the intense search of being the most advanced country on the spatial plane , a & # 39; created between the two real-world races But, on September 27, 2017, during the 68th International Astronautics Congress held in Adelaide, Australia, NASA and Roscosmos, they put them in agreement with them Do they have a room station development between their & # 39; Moon and Earth.

This agreement is included in a framework called the Deep Space Gateway ("Gateway to Deep Space" in English translation), a NASA-led project aimed at resources is developed near the Moon, which is essential to carry out campaigns to another place of repetition, including a future mission to Mars that the group is planning to do in the 2030s.

This statement, according to NASA, "Reflection on the common vision of human research" of the two groups, which belong to traditionally opposed countries in other areas. "Agreements such as the one that is signified by Roscosmos show that the Deep Space Gateway is a good example of a stable and stable room research"He said Robert Lightfoot, executive director at NASA headquarters in Washington. Then, Igor Komarov, general director of Roscosmos, says that at least five countries are working on building their own systems. And before many journalists added that "In order to avoid technical co-operation difficulties, some of the rules should be united, so that a number of countries can work in their own resources and enter the international pneumatic station".

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