Scientists have questioned that Mars has a dry water

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There may be some evidence for Mars's beer water to be wrong

Scientists from technological technology in California said the probe survey data, given the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter order, might have been able to identify the probe. error to include hydrated salts on its & # 39; red planet, which writes the with a reference to the Telegraph.

This means that some areas of Mars, which are at this stage are & # 39; Accepting that there is water and the conditions for life to live, they can be dry and to life.

Experts were given a long while and they were Finding hydraulic criteria on Mars maps based on the information provided by the spectrum in prominent and near infrared radiation (CRISM). Perchlorates reduce rainfall temperatures to 80 degrees, which can be a beer of Mars. Perchlorates presence was found in Martian's land with spacecraft, Phoenix and Mars Curiosity Rover.

The presence of minerals is planetary, which was determined by researchers to reflect different varieties from the surface due to chemicals in a specific manner; including and showing light. However, the CRISM camera is not always correct, with the result that it detects designated spotlights where they should not be. These algorithms want to correct these errors, sometimes to; splitting in the astronauts at the same wavelength.

By making changes to the algorithm for CRISM, the researchers found the opportunity to consider the smallest marks of Mars surface cover. It was the product that was; The horns were almost covered; whole red planet. A more detailed study revealed that the salts are present even if there is no geological cause for their appearance.

According to scientists, this explains that some information about the presence of perchlorates on Mars's surface has been wrong. The researchers want to emphasize that this is not a # 39; It means that salt is on the red planet, but it's a mean they are harder to get


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