Scientists will find what they are doing; The earthquake caused by the damaged Indian – and its # 39; believe what it means for the future

When Palu's 7.5-inch earthquake hit, Indonesia on September, scientists left and the city of 300,000 was destroyed. More than 2,000 people were killed as a result of earthquake and on-site; earthquake, tsunami and earthquakes that followed, but that illness should not be due to an earthquake of 7.5-size, and certainly not in this area. Now, there is a set of studies that have been published in Natural History that help to & # 39; explain why – and what it means for future projections.

Earthquake is encouraged when weight is raised in Earth crabs breaking, causing cliffs on both sides of a tectonic problem to slowly move in challenging direction. Waves are tangible, or waves to dig, as usual; passing the rubbish around 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles) each second, bend the ground and cause the nobles that we often go to; ties with an earthquake.

Reconfiguration analysis of psychological data shows that the extraordinary distance of Palu at an astronomer of 4.1km (2.5 miles) per second, and as a result of a quake "increased "- a large geological growth. He moved on the 180-kilometer relief line (60-foot) at a faster rate than the bundle waves he created.

"This is the first time we look at this speed so stable," said Jean-Paul Ampuero's research writer in a statement. "This earthquake ran in the distance range & is prohibited, and can be considered as a repurchase event even though it is not as fast as the ones that have been. before. "

(To the left) The colorful color reflects the land that is; destroy the Palu earthquake. The black dagger marks the town of Palu long; The black line shows the loch. Circles show spaces that are tightened during an earthquake, blue at first and red at the end. (South) Time and condition of earthquake radiators. © Han Bao et al., Nature Geoscience

Although he did not last 35 seconds after a strike strike – when two suburban shoots were split apart on the other side of the earthquake left over 5 meters (16 feet) of land throughout the city. Only a bit of this type of earthquake has been observed and almost always occur on geological "major sites", which are particularly specific and there are not many barriers to lead speed earthquake. In this case, searching researchers found that the fault was not straightforward and had at least two hills.

"This route has major obstacles, which should reduce the distance of the earthquake, but resides at 4,1 km / s up 150 km , "said Ampuero.

It was not believed that the crime did not have the intention of maintaining such a room, means that more areas could be at risk of hedgehogs as high as they had previously believed.

"In classical earthquake models, there is a lack of living in full rocks," Ampuero said. "But there are real problems covered in a series of rocks that have been broken and preserved by a quench before. A smooth break at the unexpected distance of full rocks can occur in spoiled rocks, just because they have slower waves. "

With this new information, an earthquake appears to happen in unexpected places to keep them up and down; Increase the depth of knowledge that helps experts and authorities expect and prepare for future events.

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