Secret priority of security protocol: the debate about Macri with its ministers and surveys that are in place; encouraging the Government

This is not the "Bolsonaro impact", a favorable opinion or a protest from the blind neighbors. None of these variations were quantified at the time of interpretation: in fact, the Government had since March this year President Mauricio Macri concluded the security forces protocol that enabled the armed forces against the prevention of criminals and the Minister for Security, Patricia Bullrich implemented that device two days before the start of the G20 chiefs' summit.

Many months before a police protocol came out and began to kill the dispute with the opposition and in the heart of Chambiemos in the Government there were only four additional officers who had a well-known President; new step that was to be taken for the federal security forces.

How was it possible to rebuild Group: from five relevant resources of Casa Rosada y Carta, the secret framework for a controversial protocol was reached through a long course of legal and political debates that were kept secret for several months not to burn into the media.

"Those who now say that Bolsonaro's strong hand influence in Brazil is leading us to implement the security arm protocol or we are guided by a favorable survey of the people who mistake : this was a political decision by President Macri of providing strong police and assault support that forced every day of criminals, "he said. Group: prominent officer near Bullrich Minister.

Indeed, there was a number of reasons why the Ministry of Security and Macri leadership have now moved on with its power to give power to the federal security forces in the use of weapons. The framework for this decision was based on many political and legal arguments.

A a reserved report of the ministry of Bullrich's guidance from the beginning of the year in the hands of Macri; Head of Chaibineit, Marcos Peña; Minister for Justice, Germán Garavano; Secretary of Business, Fulvio Pompeo; Head of Federal Police, General Commissioner Nestor Roncaglia and Bullrich. That document he got Group: to maintain that in government Cristina Kirchner in 2014 was full 15 soldiers of security forces killed by firearms and inside In 2015 and 2016 the number came to 42 in total. In 2017 a significant reduction of 53% of these cases (7 in total).

At the same time, The number of dead soldiers involved in firearm actions in cases where police, gendarmes and prefects were 96 in 2014 and 38 in 2017, that is, 60% less. The same report argues that the city of Buenos Aires, Misiones and Tucuman is in the continent of Buenos Aires, the places where most of the soldiers were killed in military activities a fire.

The government knew that it was going to look at this problem of the # 39; Police officers not to be able to use weapons against criminals for a long time. It was also learned that Bullrich argued against this case against Macri and Peña as a result of two planning cases in February this year:

1-Tiger attack. One of these issues was the gendarme Arseño Narvay, which was solved by the law but was released in the No. 9 Unit of La Plata, in the context of a # 39 ; Examination of the death of Emanuel Talavera, who was shot After attempting to attack him in the town of Rincon de Milberg, the party of Buenos Aires Tigre.

2 policemen Another problem was sorted by a & # 39; Justice took place on 22nd December 2016 when the Federal Police agent Agent Carla Daniela Céspedes was acting as a policeman, as long as she was especially in a Chinese main store of Estivao 99 street in Buenos Aires Aires in criminal action kills one of the offenders.

From these issues and the document is in the best "Principles of the United Nations Army and Gun Use", a team from the Ministry of Security Legal Service lasted last year's work. In March this year, the first version was ready.

The argument of the project argued, as stated in the Government, that "law enforcement officers do not use firearms against people except in self-defense or others, if there is a serious or seriously ill, or for reasons to avoid seriously bad crime that poses a bad threat to your life, or for a person who represents the risk of being arrested and opposed to the authority, or to prevent it from escaping, and only If there are insufficient, harder measures to achieve these objectives, in any case, it is not possible to use fatal weapons alone when it is inevitable to protect life ".

Consultation with judges and court

Once a Prototype project has been completed; Police was planned in May and June, the Government began in strict certification for consulting with High Court ministers, judges on the criminal justice system and experts in security issues. In all cases, he ensured that the sources were consulted, Justice has been agreed to the Government's view to bring more tools to Federal Police before they have been committed; taking forward the agents.

"There was strong support from the Court and from various judges that there was a need for a protocol to protect the federal forces in the use of firearms in the face of border situations," said a Casa Rosada officer, -matching a militarist.

Indeed, Macri intends to give a police protocol after giving him to the Congress bills to a new Marriage Borrowing Code prepared by a commission commissioned by Mariano Borinsky. In article 34 of that bill it is considered to be the case that the position of police officers who use their weapons in carrying out their work, carrying out their work, in accordance with the rules involved in the case as the new Regulations of federal security forces.

Borinsky himself spoke Group: "the draft start of the Reform of the Criminal Code can add to the appropriate rules that the authority can issue on its case, that is , with the new Governance of Ministry of Security ".

The Commission for the Reform of the & # 39; Marriage Code was a group of renowned lawyers for more than one year and a half to analyze current legislation, jurisprudence, teaching, comparative law and, following meetings with experts on various topics, prepare the draft Bill of Re- develop their marriage code issued for non-marriage crimes, including the person who works "in accordance with their duties or in proper exercise, their right, authority or situation." The police member is a public, police or invalid security force, in discharging its duty and using its weapons in a regulatory manner, causing injury or death. "

There were also consultations with rural solicitors where management is introduced for security forces like Bullrich, as in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Paraguay, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay.

The debate on a movement bill issued in the Transport and Debt was discussed; He opened a critical protest in the Argentinean society for several months stops all debates on a draft of the new Criminal Code. Therefore, the Government would have to debat the deferral of the Criminal Code and decided to move it once and for everyone with her; protocol for the security forces.

At the same time, from the headquarters of Chaibineit and in the Bullrich office, he decided to implement an application internal police control system, gendarmes and prefects. Thus, drug control procedures, amazing amazing experiments, applications for financial support and a serious home-based grievance system in each security force were introduced.

"It was our opinion before we were supporting anti-armed forces, that the police were well trained and they had tight control systems. Group: close friend of Bullrich.

Use for a G20 conference

The protocol was announced Monday last year in the Official Gazette. However, Casa Rosada's certificates are certificates Group: Bullrich was previously able to provide guidance for security between the security forces for one simple reason: using the security for the G20 conference.

During the days when there were anti-gathering campaigns in the streets of Buenos Aires and there were more than 30 state commanders in Argentina The armies had the power to use federal firearm security against armed offenders. No one knew until now but the Bullrich Minister has been giving up these detailed orders to her people to submit the protocol that was started with arrangements within the Ministry of Security.

According to two ministers consulted, The full national cabinet learned about the protocol once and has already been published in the Gazette Gazette.

The surveys then came favorably to the official dimension. An audit conducted by the Management & Fit consultation announced last week that 59.2% of respondents agreed with their official step, compared to a 39.6% refusal.

Along with this, Elisa Carrió hardly criticized and part of the challenges to the Bullrich protocol. But then Macri had sent a press release to the Minister for Security and his entire team.

At the same time, In Casa Rosada they say that Jair Bolsonaro's influence and his hard-to-last hard policy have been pulled up after the Protocol has been pulled up. That is, they rejected their opinion that there was a direct relationship between the advantages of Brazil's leading president and the protocol of the police in Argentina.

Bullrich spoke a few months ago by the Minister of Security of Buenos Aires Cristian Ritondo about sending federal forces to Using a firearm and in that meeting they agree one point: No Buenosairean police are still receiving a certificate for this type of protocols, they said in one question.

That's how the government is María Eugenia Vidal decided not to subscribe to the national campaign for the regional police.

Indeed, Ritondo added him Group: that "from the Government we believe that the police must have all the tools to implement the Law but not all policemen are equal". Therefore, Buenos Aires's security minister is of the opinion that a process should be completed before refining its framework where many officers have never tried and did not have the necessary equipment.

In order to use a protocol similar to federal forces in the rest of the country, the Government considers that there should be a previous debate, lead the police and the same route they have provided from the House Pink in tight conservation for many months.

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