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NASA in the countdown to Mars is coming into the & # 39; Mars InSight question, something that happens next Monday. The cost of the probation is 993 million dollars and it is a & # 39; The first one is able to listen to a earthquake and to analyze his / her; other rocky planet.

The unmanned spacecraft was launched almost seven months ago and has traveled around 482 million kilometers.

Part of its mission is to extract information for one-day human factors to their red planet, something NASA hopes to achieve in the 2030s.

It is to send & # 39; Mars program was the first one since 2012, when NASA's Research research came on top of the surface and Investigating the rocks for life signs that may have been living in the & # 39; planet beside the Earth, which is now cold and dry.

InSight needs to live on the hard entry into red planet settings: it is currently a & # 39; travel at a distance of 19,800 kilometers per hour and must reduce it just 8km per hour.

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Entry, recreational and touring starts at 17:47 a Monday (local time). NASA describes this level as "six months and a half of borders".

Out of the 43 campaigns launched to Mars, only 18 have reached their red planet, a 40% successful level, and all came from the United States.

"Moving to Mars is very tough," said Thomas Zurbuchen, administrator associated with NASA Mission Science Department.

The boat is informal.

The InSight name means "inside scrutiny" that is a " mentions seizures, geography and heat transportations.

With the full fuel mouse, InSight is worth 360kg, almost the same as Harley Davidson's motorcycle. If you use your solar panels, you can measure almost 6 meters.

A seismometer found by a Spanish Spaniard (CNES) is a whirlwind that finds its main instrument.

"This is the only NASA mission that argues about an instrument made from abroad," said Jean-Yves Le Gall, president of CNES, to AFP.

So he said, "It is a fundamental goal for the United States and France," as it will allow Mars to better understand.

The six earthquake sensors on board are so aware that they should tell the smallest quicks on Mars, such as the Phobos moon's healthy distance, the effects of the media and evidence of volcanic activity .

There is also a self-proof of a boat that allows a deep digging of between 3 and 5 meters, Mars is the first accurate measure of the underground teas as well as the heat that drops from inside

Ashore care.

The InSight will be powered by a parachute that allows the speed of spacecraft to drop down to 19,800 kph. Its thermal shield will help to pull the vessel and protect it against the path that creates to & # 39; get into the red planet object.

The settlement site is located in a flat space called Elysium Planitia, which NASA has said to be "the largest car park on Mars."

The US space agency will know in a minute case whether the route was successful or not, but they must wait more than five hours to prove that the spacecraft was tightly capable of the equipment used without disasters.

They look for life signs on the # 39; red planet

NASA Images of Mars. Photograph: AFP

NASA's spacecraft, which starts in 2020, will look for ideas of everyday life on Mars by going to # 39; Analyzing ancient lochs and delta rocks, two geometric features that form the signs of old organisms, telling a few days ago the American space group.

The boat arrives on a diameter fracture of 45 kilometers, which once became a river home, and therefore it could be on preserved signs of mummers and organic microbes, the experts explained.

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