Sergio Berni: "I wanted to kill offenders and I had never had any problems"

6 December 2018

The former Secretary of Security criticized the new protocol inspired by Patricia Bullrich and said "it is not fitting because it is the law."

In the middle of the debate a protocol for the use of a firearm in federal armies, which allows the soldiers to be able to; burn without having a loud voice, a & # 39; Explain the previous security regime, Sergio Berni "It is not appropriate because it is the law."

"I do not know how much the problem was killed or the order was to break down the crime. I had to do it many times and I had no problem ever "Berni said that he always worked in law and, in all those situations, "the guilty was killed and the victim was saved. "

In addition, in contact with the program Order two voices, clarified: " That's not what I agree [Elisa] Carried, I agree with my principles and knowledge"And certification as"fog pump"The new rules are directed by Patricia Bullrich.

Patricia Bullrich confirmed the protocol for the use of weapons: "Macri supported him"

In this regard, he thought that "it does not come to solve any " because the important thing is "talk about strong issues," and Aagregó: "It is an article that is evaluated by contemporary elements. What is not a concept, like offensive offenders, is already provided in law. There is nothing new. "

According to Berni, the important thing is "Protection of the citizen and authority" because of "The guilty who goes out on the streets is willing to kill and, therefore, it is a danger to society"

However, for the previous officer, this option is "Unexpected", and explained: "It is about trying to make money from the security forces to work properly. Every norm must be involved in the law that governs in this country, can not oppose the law of the constitution or against international contracts. Inside the law, everything out of law", he finished.

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