Shakira, expressed with a huge economic problem: they will start a criminal case for fraud – 07/12/2018

And when Shakira's closure seemed to be the beginning of 2018, with a back-to-back music, blessings of the health problems and facts of Gerard Piqué, bad news returned from Colombia.

The singer is in fish. Is that the Spanish Taxation Corporation decided to pay its taxes in Spain between 2012 and 2014. That is why Shakira has a criminal case, for the 14.5 million installment of the Treasury Department.

In the beginning of November, Shakira cried out at a stop in Colombia.

In the beginning of November, Shakira cried out at a stop in Colombia.

Its taxation closed its inquiry on Colombian singer accounts and argues that between 2012 and 2014 she has been able to go to her. worried "It seems 14.5 million into the Finance Department with income taxes (IRPF) and fairness"as published Countryside.

In the last few days a complaint will be recorded by a & # 39; judge for three tax fraud offenses.

Pique and Shakira, couple for almost ten years. (EFE).

Pique and Shakira, couple for almost ten years. (EFE).

According to Spanish newspapers, Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is most important in the knowledge where he settled the fencing home at least since 2011, when it was joined by the defender Barça Gerard Piqué.

That law is established, if you pay a half-year-old citizen (and one day) in Spain, it must be considered as a resident for tax purposes. You will have to pay as an income tax for the income you get across the world. According to the Treasury Department, Shakira He sent out to stay in the Bahamas to pay taxes.

He reads it Country: "The examiners tried to credit Shakira's residence through procedures. They examined their daily lives: they visited the centers they, like their usual hairdresser, in Barcelona, and looked at their work on social networks such as Instagram. "

Shakira said he was living in the Bahamas, where he bought a house with him; his companion Antonio de la Rua. In late 2013, she got her first child with Piqué and bought a house in Esplugues de Llobregat. And he officially named his stay in Spain in 2015.

Will there be a way out of this conflict for "Shak"? U.Christmas with lawyers and several heads …

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