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Sharca species are at risk sold in fish shops and gutters

In the United Kingdom, basking shark is sold at a risk, according to experts, with the sea animals even turning into fish and tidy shops.

Scientists from the University of Exeter found the amazing discovery after investigating shark products from seagulls and fish and tidy shops.

They also checked shark windows from an Asian food retailer in the UK.

DNA analysis was used to examine 78 samples from fish and team shops, 39 from seabirds and 10 shark tanks from a retailer.

Most of the samples were taken from businesses in the south of England.

"Most sophisticated shop samples (usually sold under common names such as boots, salmon and eel creations) are the sexes – sex & in danger Europeans and vulnerable throughout the world, "researchers explained in a statement.

centro_cameraFamilies can include "at great risk" shark species at a & # 39; their fish and tidy shop.

The survey found that 90 per cent of shark sold at fish shops and teams across Britain as the skinfish in danger, subject to the restriction of international trade.

A scallop endocrine shark was found at risk in 40 per cent of shark fingers sold in Asian restaurants and supermarkets.

But a handheld bilingual and bilingual leaflet means that a & # 39; Most people who are not aware that they eat a shark that may be illegally introduced.

centro_cameraConsumers may be able to buy endangered animals in their fish and tidy orders.

Ultimate rows included scalopic headaches, which are at risk worldwide and subject to international trade restrictions.

Exeter University Lecturer Lecturer, Andrew Griffiths, said the survey results were extremely frightening.

"Finding out about the author's baskets is at risk that emphasizes the extent to which the sale of the genre that is actually falling – even in the Department Europe and the UK, "said Dr Griffiths.

"A scalloped head (shark) should be inserted under strict terms, but does not know what the genre belongs to."

centro_cameraThe Scalloped Hammerhead shark is at risk of catching fish food and chips.

The study was published in the magazine Scientific ReportsSouth Westerly

The authors of the survey now call for a more globalized food record across the UK, so consumers know what they eat.

The director author, Catherine Hobbs, said that he is "largely impossible" to know consumers what they are buying yesterday and not; identifying appropriate food.

"People may think they are getting a product that is available consistently when buying dangerous species," she said.

centro_cameraThere are bilingual and false labeling on handhelds that keep people who do not know what they are doing; spend.

Consumer health questions are also important, according to the researchers.

"You may know what genre you are buying is important in terms of artefacts, toxins, mercury content and the growing concern about copywriters in The sea food series, "she said.

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