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Silvina Escudero was banned by Carlos Paz – 02/13/2019

Silvina Escudero He suffered an accident Villa Carlos Paz just when he was preparing to go on the air with anecdotes about the exhibition, like every evening, in "Misleading"(America) That's why, yesterday, Tuesday, when the broadcast started Moria Cánán He mentioned the presence Escudero who need to have medical support after being a dog attack.

At the end of the program, Escudero Eventually, he was able to stand in front of his camera and interpretation, in conversation with him Moria, how the events happened. "I'm sorry I'm not there from the beginning," she said, "I had already looked, with the tacos, ready to come and when I left Titan, my dog ​​fled, and when When I go, look at the same growing dog where I'm going to crawl, jump and catch a neck.

It is still difficult to bite with dogs and with a banner branch, Escudero He followed the definition: "Indeed, I started shouting, I lifted up to Titan, but the other dog was hanged, my dog ​​cried because I did not. I was far away from my sister, but he heard me and she came in. She started to pull the other dog's tail but there was no way … "

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Story about it Silvina Escudero He continued this way: "I got in the middle, I tried to open the mouth of her dog and … I do not know how many minutes they were … but for me it was seven hours. The windows broke and the dog gave my finger. It's not good, but it's really hurt and I have knee injuries. They did not get in on me because they have the products in their room; saliva for the dogs to be cleaned, they have to leave, I have to go away with their band in time and time; washing with white soap. I am also taking antibiotics. "

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