Since 2019, WhatsApp stopped working on some cell phones: find out what things

WhatsApp is still being updated, and as it has happened in previous years, from 2019 it will not work in cell phones, as the demand for such equipment has limited restrictions.

In this way, you can not create a new WhatsApp account on Nokia S40 from 31 December, and from 1 February, the Android bid can be stopped by operating system 2.3.7 or earlier; and iPhone with iOS 7 or earlier.

Although the profile already created can work on these computers, some new jobs can now be used.

How to check the device's operating system:

Android: go to & # 39; Settings &, then & phone & phone

iPhone: go to & # 39; Settings & then; & # 39; General & # 39; and finally & # 39; Information & # 39 ;.

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