Sligo's inflammatory disease has wounded war, at least around edges

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) – The Navy Channel's galaxy seems to have wounded war, at least around the long edges.

Scientists published in China and Australia a 3D online map of the Milky Way on Tuesday. They used 1,339 striking stars – new, newer and more entertaining stars of the sun – mapping a galaxy shape.

More centrally, more frequent or faster, gas gas hydrogen Way is a gas. Researchers say that the spiritual pattern that is converted by a war is caused by spinning strength; large print of star.

"We usually believe that spiritual diseases are very straightforward, similar to Andromeda, which you can easily see through a telescope," said Richard de Grijs, the University of Macquarie, who took part in the study, in reporter from Sydney.

The Xiaodian Chen director researcher from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing says that it is difficult to set a distance from the sun to the Silent side. Chaoil, "not to clearly reflect on what that character looks". The stars that have a team map based – called Cepheids classical – which provide a great measure of accuracy.

At least a couple of other galaxies appear to have a similar tower pattern, and therefore because of this, we are almost not particularly special.

The study is featured in the Nature Astronomy magazine.


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