snow, Santa Claus and where the planes can be found in season 7

Fortnite's season 7 is already official, and is filled with news for setting up the holiday season, and # 39; including a new transport method that fans do not expect: aircraft. These are the most important updates of the upgrade.

In the game of Roy Battle, the map is very large, and at the beginning of its game, when the "storm" still has a safe level; mapping, walking on foot can be very important. Yes, Fortnite had already included some of the vehicles, such as a roadbike or a bicycle; big cart (but funny) big shop. But now it's the turning of the planes.


The new carriage that arrives at Fortnite in season 7 is the X-4 water, a plane that allows you to travel around it; map and even move (although the army can overwrite it if you use it too much), and there are five sets up to four friends with you

Five on the five weeks

In addition, the map has changed slightly in this new season, which will add more towns to a & # 39; Investigating during the winter period.


Indeed, according to the arrival of winter and holiday season in many parts of the world, the Fortnite island is now covered by snow, and, including its cities and regions. In addition, the game has also introduced new skin to look better for your character, your weapons and your vehicles, including Santa's dads and more.

Finally, at Fortnite season 7, the new creative method, which we already have known, allows you to build and modify the map as you like on your private private island, in the style best of Minecraft, and use it to monitor or fight with your friends. You can get the detailed changes to the official website. The new Fortnite time is now available.

Where to find the plane

Typically, the planes appear around the shelves, easily red-shaped. Since now, we have established places where planes can appear in Fortnite, with almost always frequent in three in each site.

New properties

Fortnite has launched a new way that will delight everyone who loves Minecraft games and a sandbox. Its name is "Creative" and aims to build, giving you the chance to create the map you want and how you want to explore or fight with friends and foreigners.

The new style is a more innovative way of the Gameplay, which offers a small private island for players to build on what they want. Once your creation is ready, you can use it for anything, a & # 39; including research, competition in races or, indeed, fighting in a normal habitat.


"Everything you pick up will save you, you will not miss it when you leave the game," says "Epic Games", as they remember that the creative mode is not yet In final format, but it will continue to & # 39; developed over time.

Fortnite Creative will come tomorrow to those who bought the battle, and on December 13 for everyone.

As well as launching the new season, when The Game Awards was held, Thursday takes place (hours of 7 December in Spain), Epic Games will show a great surprise.

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