"Solución", the story in which Fernando Gago explained how he hit the previous bankruptcy Achilles tendon


"My roots broke". Fernando Gago the medical examination was not required. He almost did not get up after he had dropped in the second pre-time Superfinal of the Copa Libertadores against the River, went directly to the center sentence, even if it were Beul I had no further changes. Furious, impotent, anguish, left the playground. The social networks Xeneize They added to yesterday's name: "medical part, right to break out Achilles tendon".

The injuries were persecuted Painted, of 32 years, impedes a race that could, with terms, even be more successful than it is. Two bad people suffered a breach of Achilles tendon and this year it has grown back from the breakdown of the anterior cruciate ligament, inside and mania of the right knee that suffered in 2017, played for the National Team . The future is not known, after this new beat. However, he is an expert in recycling, in recovering from a problem.

"Solving", it's the name of Gago's story for the book Paper Ball 2, whose signature is 41 famous football and coaches who provide knowledge or stories. The money from the sale of the work is a similar purpose: they are donated to good public units.

The midfield chose to count, not to be ahead, how he was to stay back after he was going to go; removing the Achilles tendon before, who was on his way to retire. It happened on April 24, 2016, also in Superclassic. "A soul is more injured than the tendency", one of the deep phrases that he would describe his & # 39; hard moment he passed. And today needs to go back to travel.

The text title was not random. He was responsible for interpreting the definition of Conduct. "Human ability to undertake and influence situations with flexibility". Despite this ability, Gago has shown in every obstacle suggested by headaches, he had sections of his weakness.

"The overview is horrible, the decision will be withdrawn", shown, show that it was going to & # 39; hanging the geans after the problems. But he did not. With the help of his children and Gisela Dulko, his companion, he returned to the activity, left a great player and returned to spend a shirt of the national team.

"A few months later, his team again rescues, with him as captain." Suddenly, in the middle of the Olympics, withdraw from himself. Including a feeling that's a? all over, the children's hand crosses the court, he knows at the heart. He sits in the middle circle and laughs as a child. The circle is closed. The movie is fine. No. 5 never thought that this bad badness would be one of the experiences that I had. He would have to live. Many thanks to that, he learned that he can never get on any bad situation that appears on the road, and is prepared as it will not be retained, and Again, and how often & # 39; as it is essential, to be brought back. To get back on his feet and face any battle, even when almost a person does not think it is possible, "he makes a descriptive song that is a hopeful song, Perhaps, after this bad bad situation, he decides to go on the way he wrote himself.

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