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Sony will launch the first version of PlayStation Plus with PlayStation 5

This would allow for Betas commitments and the creation of private servers.

Now that the rumors about the consoles that are coming next generation are starting to rise, we have a report that Sony intends to launch it. Premium version of PlayStation Plus accompanies the PlayStation 5 in 2020.

According to information from the SegmentNext site that says it is an unrivaled resource as a European play developer, PlayStation Plus Premium will give players added benefits to the normal PlayStation Plus service, including All Beta and Alpha tests are guaranteed, as well as the ability to create private servers.

This Premium option would work closely with the PlayStation Plus service, and if the information is correct, the new test features will start before launching the PlayStation 5 which is due to arrive between March and November. 2020.

PlayStation 5

Note this year

Sony will not be present in E3 2019 so information about its new PlayStation and the new version of PlayStation Plus may take place at a transmitting time. Situation Play, or more likely to play in the PlayStation Experience 2019 in December.

Speaking about subscription services, another recent news showed that Microsoft will launch a package which will include Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold with the same payment.

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