Space-space resistors on a web site to investigate a secret hole

On Tuesday, there are two Russian types of protection that spend six hours in space, working to solve what is or what a hole in the Soyuz spacecraft can start.

Back in August, the astronomers saw some pressure on the International Speech Station pressure. Although they were not at risk, they were investigated and found a hole on its Soyuz residential module, which is currently covered by the space station. Astonauts Sergey Prokopyev and Alexander Gerst made the 0.07-inch (2 millimeter) hole on its material back made up in epoxy relay. The money was built rapidly on board the space station, and the work has been held since then.

But because they have investigated the hole in the chasal Soyuz, they can not find out what he created. Initially, it was thought that micrometeorite could be a fight to the & # 39; craft. But Russian officials said a few days after finding that the hole, based on its shape, looked to be in the stroke. This started to think that someone could formally create the hole, and # 39; Rooming out sabotage.

"It has been done by human hand. Signs of dryness are slipped on the surface. We do not reject any theories," said Dmitry Rogozin, leader of Roscosmos's ruling party, told the state journalist TASS.


Analyzing the Hull

Start began at about 11 a.m. EST, the Oleg Kononenko and Sergey Prokopyev campaigns on a six-hour set-up to explore the Soyuz MS 09 spoon ship, which is used to travel astronauts to and from Earth.

They will collect samples of any location found on its & # 39; a residential model band. To do this, they expect to cut a 10-inch (25 centimeter) sample of the thermal insulation and a rubbing screw on a shell. They also have a collection of photographs and video to support the research. Then the new thermal plaid motors will place the hole over to make sure it is full. The shrubs, data and photographs taken from the leap site will be restored to Earth and will be inspected by Russian experts. They hope that the evidence gathered throughout this area will find the final solution to the secret about what the hole created.

The team on board the station has been, since the solution has been detected and repaired, often finding detection work and helpups to ensure that they do not. the fire grew blown and the pressure on the station was still normal. Until now, the capsule has been secured and pressure on the station's board has been maintained.

The Soyuz spacecraft will be used to restore the landmarks Sergey Prokopyev, Alexander Gerst, and Serena Auñón-Chancellor to Earth in eight days.

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