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SpaceX to launch the US spy satellite

Elon Musk & SpaceX is trying to launch a new spiritual satellite for US military, and # 39; celebrates its first national security mission designated to the United States.

There is a $ 9,500 GPS Satellite SpaceX rocket, built by Lockheed Martin, to be taken from Cape Canaveral Florida just after 9 local hours (Wednesday AEDT ), the US Air Force said.

The Tuesday event, if successful, would benefit Musk, a billionaire entrepreneur who has tried years to enter the market for a good financial place, and, Launched by Lockheed and Boeing owners.

SpaceX was attacking the US Air Force in 2014 to & # 39; complained about issuing a multi-billion dollar contract, non-competitive for 36 roosts to United Launch Alliance, a partnership between Boeing and Lockheed.

SpaceX released the issue in 2015 after the Air Force agreed to open a competition, based on the SpaceX website.

Next year, SpaceX won a $ US83 million Air Force contract to launch the GPS satellite, which will live for 15 years, Air Force spokesman, William Russell, on his phone.

Tuesday is the first 32 satellite production with Lockheed under $ US12.6 billion worth contracts for the GPS III Air Force program.

US President Mike Pence discovered that he would travel to Florida to attend the opening, and gave "an important step forward while we & # 39: trying to keep American leadership in space. "

The following satellite GPS III is scheduled for mid media in mid-2019, and satellites will then be tested in the Colorado processing facility and, company.

The launch is to identify its & # 39; The first time called Space Space Security as defined by US weapons, SpaceX said.

Hawthorne, California is based on payroll payments to launch the Department of Defense before in 2017 which was not designated as a National Security Center mission.

It was first released as SpaceX to launch the US spiritual satellite

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