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Starbreeze starts with a & # 39; reconstruction process and is left without director

Under the current model that is mostly in a videogame business, many companies will be able to; playing financial stability and even their steady commitment to an important title. However, if the results are not expected, this could be badly damaged and it seems that this is the situation that Strabreeze looks, which is dependent on the # 39 ; project really OVERKILL'S The Walking Dead, which is underway with a rebuilding process.

Today, Starbreeze AB published a statement in which he stated that he has set up a legal reconstruction process in a district office in Stockholm, Sweden, a & # 39; its categories include: Starbreeze Publishing, Starbreeze Production, Starbreeze Studios, Enterspace and Enterspace International. . According to company information, the decision has been taken to address the current blaming problems that are being banned, which need to be reconfigured to resolve a long term. In addition, the statement indicates that the financial projections for the & # 39; final quarter of the 2018, 2019 and 2020 fiscal year effectively.

The information provided by the company is & # 39; show low sales OVERKILL'S The Walking Dead They have influenced the finances and constantly changed their pre-sales strategies. Despite the fact that this is a bad news in general, Strabreeze said that there would be no pay change for staff and that his work would be like that. However, in terms of payments to providers, the situation facing them will happen and they will not be able to do so if they have their contracts with Strabreeze before going to # 39; Start with the reconstruction process.

Finally, Strabreeze has indicated that Bo Andersson has been Chief Executive and is together with Kristofer Arwin, resigning from the board of directors of his company, that is the only Changes made to the & # 39; board to date.

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