"Stop the case … Das disgust" A very strong cross of Amalia Granata by …!

The interview by Juan Darthés to Mauro Viale on this week, where he defended himself against Thelma Fardín's confrontation, says in a short time that the situation was counted back from the same thing he had been suffering, was distressed by a teenager who first kissed him and then tried to take himself in his room.

The actor's words are: "I took out of my room. I said, you're mad, what's wrong?" I told him that my children were the same age to her. If I knew what she is thinking about, I tell Telma and my child's age is # 39. Throw it on the door to say that the key did not work. And nothing happened. In fact almost, she told herself. He wanted her kiss. She was a lover with Juan Aguilera. And tell me I left here. It's lying. "

Indeed, these words have created a positive impact on social networks, including Amalia Granata's anger that several Tuis published his talk about this case as well as the fringe that she wanted to be encouraged to & # 39; Speaking about the biggest television driver when nobody else was doing it, questioning, for example, Ricardo Fort in the Dancing for a dream before the amazing view of Marcelo Tinelli:

"In the year 2010 I'm fighting Fort with a fight and I'm out of her war to defend the love of her at that time defending her lost with his case always in the program and nobody but nobody who attacks anything ".

"The lowest and worst protection is to prevent the victim of the victim, with your statements that you are breaking again."

"I do not care about the criminals I am bringing as it comes, but I'm spoiled by a lack of text understanding."

Interestingly, among those who did not understand the meaning of their words, according to their perspective, the Clarin group would:

"Right-winged: love stop making my notes by law and face the messages that the environment that suits you will not want to spend time with a written letter He is unhappy. "

"I wish everything be a multiplier and neutral and stop stopping its content at your convenience He is unhappy. "

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