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Susan Boyle's great welcome to television! (Video)

Susan Boyle he was returned to television and play there America's Got Talent where she woke up the jury, beginning with Simon Cowell she saw when she played for her & Britain's first Got Talent performing "I Dreamed a Dream" from the Les Miserables music. When she returned, the singer said: "Most of the audience were laughing, but then they looked at my mouth and changed everything, You can not think that people get so excited about one, I'm glad to have gotten that level. "

The singer The 57-year-old said that she was planning to take part in America's Got Talent: the Superintendents, where the winners who came from the previous seasons will go to # 39 ; look, because she wants to be an incentive to others as she is. "I want to encourage people who do not have confidence to do things, those with no voice, those who are not usually abandoned, I think it's an example for me yes. " The second is not a & # 39; mean you've lost, and promise it, "he said.

Susan Boyle got the gold button

Susan He showed his feelings to show Simon how big & he has become professional since they saw each other. "It's the great opportunity to accomplish this," said he. The two-time Grammy nominee "Horse Wild" was won by Rolling Stones, the only one who sang her in the American & Gottalent fourth season in 2009 when she appeared on American television .

In terms of the jury, everyone was happy to see it again, and Cowell was the worst. "You know what, Susan, I can not think of any other competition that represents this program more than you, honestly and # 39 ; speak, you, you have changed many people's lives and I'm very happy that you are here, "he said as long as he was watching it. based on the eyes after hearing it again and welcoming her & # 39; the public.

On its part, Howie Mandel also sent his first time back: "That time you look and are here, that is what this program represents, here we saying, "Do you know what I want? Susan BoyleAnd, that time you leave your mouth open to you. I look for that, because the thing you are doing is; Representing how this program is represented. "

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