Take care! They showed a big risk in the consumption of red meat

13 December 2018

Through a new study, experts warned of the dangers involved in the type of meat.

In countries like Argentina, spend red meat The part of people is in large books every year. However, scientists warned of the dangers that could be done.

Through a study provided by experts from the Lerner Research Institute, who belonged to the clinic in Cleveland, the United States, it was found that a rich diet in red meat could be a product.

Through a statement set out on the US National Health Institutions website, they said that the high level of spending this type of meat Increase of the N-ocsaid trimethylamine (TMAO) chemicals in the blood, which is directly attached to it card-gray diseases.

This material, known as TMAO, is formed when it is hit, with intestinal bacteria, and most of it is infected. coming from the nutrients that are enough in the & nbsp; red meat. This was reported after a clinical trial of 113 people, both men and healthy women, and analyzing the impact of these proteids.

As a conclusion of the survey, the experts could make sure that people who often use their kind of meat TMAO levels are three times higher than those with a rich diet in white meat or protons of vegetables.

How good is it? it is that these levels of material are significantly reduced when this type of diet is abandoned. Stanley Hazen, the author of the survey, said the research "Showing for the first time the adverse effects of the dietary variation on TMAO levels ".

So, researcher Charlotte Pratt says that "These conclusions reinforce daily everyday suggestions that encourage people of all ages to continue to plan a healthy heart that rests red meat."

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