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Taylor Swift won a preview of his film

On 13 December, Taylor Swift celebrated his 29th birthday with a message that welcomed his supporters. Is that, through their social networks, the singer decides the amazing message where he commented on his new film: an episode that tells of the story and information about his last trip.

Netflix The stage is the music material available during the daytime. An anecdote to send all fans from the plant to a joy in particular those who do not; They can attend the concerts, which can start the year with a specific manuscript of the year.

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During her visit, she had the two opening functions with her; actress also: Charli XCX and Camila Cabello Visit 36 ​​major cities, seven countries and four continents in 2018. As, The Concert Project It will reach users after it has been filmed at its & # 39; Swift concert on the AT & T of Dallas over 28 cameras.

The table Statements It was released in November in 2017. The album is one of the most successful seasons and He sold more than one million copies in the first week (according to the magazine Rolling Stone) and, apart from that, it is the largest list of the year that is sold or in the words of the specialized magazine Billboard.

New content on what Netflix consider it global event including the promotion of some of the pieces of music that have become the major classes of the battle with time; go. Among them, Blank Space and Distribution they are two of the general guardian of the progress that is inviting to & # 39; See the movie that is waiting in just a few hours.

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