Tesla offers buyers that MG can buy. closing

This was explained yesterday by the controversial businessman in statements for the 60-minute program of the US CBS network, in an interview with Leslie Stahl.

"We might be interested if yes [GM] sell a plant or not use it to bring it, "said the company's director.

This is not a # 39; The first time Tesla gets collecting facilities of another brand. In 2010, Tesla NUMMI, a motor vehicle closed by General Motors and Toyota in Fremont California, bought for a small amount of $ 42 million, shortly after its closure.

The construction of a company with a great deal of combat, even the staff that had been solved before being closed. And now, Electrek recites, the Tesla collection in Fremont is doing 333,000 units a year and its; Recruiting more people than the older owners of this factory.

"Tesla's aim is to accelerate the advent of an electric vehicle event … Sustaining transport and trying to help the environment. The problem is the most difficult for humanity," said Musk in the interview that was released yesterday.

The businessman made the brief comments after meeting with GM Commander, Mary Barra, to members of the US Congress in Washington over the past two days, and considering plans to close five factories in the country and its retiring 14,700 employees. . The trump machine is under pressure from the Donald Trump government to keep some of these facilities open.

The company said that b & # 39; Customers prefer the SUV (sports facilities vehicle, wider use) of the car park, so they are planning to stop sending Cevrolet Cruze, Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac CT6, Cadillac XTS, Chevrolet Impala and Chevrolet Volt are part of a larger plan for the reconstruction of its entirety.

Although Barra spoke to lawyers, Fiat Chrysler published that he would open one of the secret nuclear plants in Detroit and to build a new Jeep, which caused the problem in the & # 39; Transport on a MG plan to cut jobs.

Tesla is doing a & # 39; Models S, Modal X and Modal 3 – all of the electricity – in the same vehicle plant in California, which he bought from a joint venture between GM and Toyota.

Musk has become a co-competitive GM who has recently come to show a job creation campaign, and American-fashioned American producers studying from the highest political level to eliminate jobs. Anyway, Musk's phrases were taken care of, as in the last few months he had been suicidal several times.

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