The 150,000 HIV rapid tests this year are higher than the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is near 150,000 test execution of speed for a & # 39; detecting Human Protection Vine (HIV); Reactive with almost 100% efficiencies in virus detection, which is carried out in just a few minutes.

This was announced by the Secretary of Health, Monica Liliana Rangel Martinez, who explained that the Secretary was conducting an early-looking campaign throughout the state, at the end of October, within the 2010 Rapid Test Day program. It allowed 144,000 tests in potosins and potosins.

"In addition, the HIV patient care and care program is among the best in the country in the care of nine out of 10 patients with this disease that maintains low levels of this virus in the blood, which is an institutional achievement, "said Monica Liliana Rangel.

He explained that this week they have been trying to implement HIV tests early in the various urban seats of the seven Sanitary Authorities that reach the highest number of photosinos.

In addition, the Ministry of Health added that the tests are available in the Health Units such as: Health Centers, CAPASITS, General Hospitals and Community Primary Hospitals.

The benefits of the rapid HIV test are:

1.- Knowing to & # 39; HIV diagnosis helps to & # 39; Preventing avoidance prevention measures.

2.- The time detecting is enough to trigger the most successful treatment.

3.- This campaign will be aware that all early HIV tests are pre-advised and tested, as well as having a full test. Delivering products with experienced and experienced trainees.

4.- The quick test produces us with truth and sensitivity of almost 100%, in minutes.

People who are proposed to have a quick HIV test are those who used uninhabited sexual habits, Sharing a thread or other sharp objects or those with a disease, hepatitis or wearing, which are drawn to sex, They have tattoo or bend for ears in any part of their body.


2017 Testings used at the end of the third quarter 123,396

2018 Testings used at the end of the third quarter 144,895

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