The 6 Sandleris management keys in the Central Bank

Since he took the president in Central America, after Caputo had stopped, he made it clear "Money policy will be very hard."

The scheme that abandoned its inflation target was abandoned due to tight control over the growth of silver assemblies: Increase 0% in cash fund up to June 2019.

It is also change the exchange scheme, Central does not buy or go to; sell a dollar as long as it's going to move inside a flotation band.

It was founded by a dollar to $ 34 lowest and $ 44 highest. Accommodation is updated at 3% per month, which guarantees your loyal superior and pre-established faithful.

Today the boundaries of the boundaries exist The lowest value is $ 36.24 The dollar can be before the Central for purchase and Total $ 46.90 American money can be worthwhile, or so the Middle East sold its dollar sale to keep it at that value.

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