The actors expressed that Juan Darthés was a " Thelma Fardin's companion raided when he was young – 11/11/2018


Standing on the Multitheater platform, on Corrientes Avenue, a & # 39; actress Thelma Fardin Take many air and take deep breath. In addition, Griselda Siciliani strikes his arm. Around it, at the same rate, more than fifty artists who make up the Argentine Actrices are purely global. Laura Azcurra preserves my microphone: "Please, we'll start talking. We will not close it now. We realized the power of our voices and realized that we were together, we multiplied, "he said. Fardin is deep in breath.

Then Azcurra reads: "The Argentine Actrists want this news conference to accompany the criminal complaint that was submitted in Nicaragua in the Specialty Unit of Crimes against Domestic Violence at the Ministry of Public with our partner Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthés ". Fardín, share the card with the actor and Siciliani in "Ugly Duckling", shouting. Among the actors, at the bottom of the theater, Calu Rivero will shout.

The platform lights, with the direction of the actors, are completely abolished. A screen is turned on: in a video, Fardin tells the facts that are "protesting against the protest" For nine years I sent him away to move on until I heard a girl Another to stop the same person. A children's program was very successful, I was 16 years old, I was a child, the only adult actor 45. One night he started kissing my neck, said I did not, he took my hand, he sent him away and he said.look like you did me, It makes me feel that it's built. I kept saying it was not. He threw me on the bed, the little short came. I kept saying it was not. Tell me that your children are my age. He was not cared for. He climbed up on me and he went to me ".

The room is still quiet and dark. Fardin's voice continues: "At that time someone placed the door of the hotel and I was able to leave the room, because someone else spoke, and I can talk today, and when I said it, I found myself about people who were willing to take care of me, "he says in the video.

And closing, there are personalities such as Dolores Fonzi, Veronica Lozano, Darío Sztajnszrajber, a & # 39; Responding to that phrase that affects Fardin to Darthés: "Show how we put on. " The lights will turn. Fardin is shouting. Much of their partners are shouting. Everyone praises, someone from the top of the stage says "Come on, Thelma!" Someone from below also says: "We believe you! We love you!" For the first time since its & # 39; conference, Fanny is abusing. And the silence is broken.

Darthés, again in the scenes for misunderstandings.

Darthés, again in the scenes for misunderstandings.

Before its video was displayed, some of the artists who were present were given the floor to read a general statement. "According to the recent SAGAI survey – one of the actors and actor actors – 66% of interpreters said that there was some harassment and / or abuse in the use of their profession: it is more like norm to independence, "said Anabel Cherubito. Muriel Santa Ana said: "Give a look at how you sent me, we say, show how we put ourselves & # 39; we are strong, united, against your serious violence and vengeance, we are together ".

According to Fiction when he responded to some media questions, the complaint was sent last week in Nicaragua.

In conversation with Clarin, Sabrina Cartabia, a lawyer who advises her; actress – the lawyers from that country continue – he said: "This type of crime orders for ten years: the event took place nine years".

The news conference of the athletes in the Buenos Aires Center.

The news conference of the athletes in the Buenos Aires Center.

A actress, at that time, told him what happened to two craftsmen, and older people: "They did not have the tools at that time , and today they are going together, "he said. Asked about who went into the room, the young actor said: "It's been the hotel staff, into the room, and at that time Juan Darthés left me and I got away. "

Composed by actors such as Eleonora Wexler, Carla Peterson, Julieta Ortega, Cecilia Roth, Leticia Brédice, Dolores Fonzi, Jasmine Stuart, Alejandra Flechner, Nancy Duplaá and Mirta Busnelli, among a few other, Fardín said: "First The feeling of a process in my inner forum: this is happening today, it has been a great boost, it's a long process. " And he was going to know how important it was; He had heard other credentials about Darthés's conviction and abuse. Calu Rivero, who was in public, maintained that the actress was harassed her when they worked together in the telenovela "Dulce amor", to cry again.

The actors Ana Coacci and Natalia Juncos also had harassment situations with the actor in public. In his Facebook profile, Coacci wrote about Darthés: "He's thrown me, he stops and throws it against his wall, he kisses him, he's My tongue surrenders, he carries my hand and gives me a look at how you sent me. It's the same phrase that expresses Fardin in his video.

"This is a message not only for other actresses but for all its societies: we will no longer be quiet, we do not have to be subject to abuse," said Laura Azcurra at first, and reiterated his desire at his & # 39; Eventually, the athletes welcomed him. They made noise.

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