The application of "Holiday Mode" will apply.

Ongoing, WhatsApp includes actions that do seek comfort for all users. So, he was thinking about the holidays and the idea of ​​being & # 39; relax but not lose the messaging content. As it passed, the application will be accepted as the "Exit Mode".

WhatsApp will include the
WhatsApp will insert the "Holiday mode".

With their favorite message request, About the BBC They are the best way for friends, family or colleagues trying to communicate. However, sometimes the number of messages that you collect can be misleading. So, the application created a "Holiday Mode" so that the ceilidhs can be completely appreciated.

Although difficult to connect through the phone throughout the year,About the BBC He was thinking about a solution to avoid uncertain messages in the holidays. The application will include a "Holiday mode" which allows users to save peace of mind.

With new work About the BBC, tears will not be visible when you open the application, so you will delete "trouble" to open working groups or learner partners. However, the talks will be available if you submit the archive talk folder.

According to the WaBeta technology site, the "Outlook Mode" means that the group conversation is still "sleeping", but the content is on the archive and can be accessed at any time .

In addition, it was explained that the archive's "very visible" dialogues can be kept with the user, even when they get to know with their; Exit Method. At the same time, it was noted that the user can choose all the conversations that he wants to stop it and does not want to know how to archive them to be aware that he will not see it them again or do not know if it does not do it.

Note! New changes are introduced to develop the use of WhatsApp

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