The autopsy confirmed that the militant CTEP was killed by a shot in the back

Despite her & # 39; The first medical report according to what was inspired by a "spelling element", was the CTEP emigrant death in La Matanza, Buenos Aires's head of crime, Julio Conte Grand, and Minister of Area Security, Cristian Ritondo, said Rodolfo Orellana was shot by shot in the back.

A Buenos Aires lawyer was saying to him; first one to speak: the medical diagnostic report rejected what Orellana had died from a bad knife and confirmed that the social activist was killed by a shot in the back.

Speaking to the C5N channel, Conte Grand said the initial mission was "To confirm the entrance to a firearm project through the shoulder blade area". This affects the & # 39; first draft, talk about a "sharp cut" as the cause of Orellana's death.

Then, Ritondo reported that a member of the CTEP was killed in the back and attempted to emphasize his / her; A serious violation that falls on the administration of María Eugenia Vidal, recognizes "If there was a bad police force" the soldiers will be allowed ".

At a news conference, the minister said that Orellana was taking part in the capture of land in La Matanza and was burned in her; In the background, according to the startup autonomy.

In that sense, he maintained that the police were interlinked because they did not. He received information on "a dispute where there were bullets and wounded" and He raised two opinions: the decision between departments that opposed the castle located in Villa Celina and the "bad police action".

Ritondo said that everything had been checked since Changing came into the power of the Buenos Aires Accession Management guidance. "In this context, he emphasized" if the method poor police, (the soldiers), "although he warned that" a & # 39; The first call to 911 has also been scrutinized. "

CTEP published a statement in which, although they say that they expect "positive skills", and # 39; opposing the Bonarense police: "The reasons for Rodolfo's death have been recycled," said the policeman of Buenos Aires, "it was a bad cause in a ban." Most of the witnesses say that he was the policeman of Buenos Aires; , "We believe our witnesses so that there are positive skills." In any case, a young worker who lost his life out of the need and hopes ".

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