The Black Friday arrives at the 0Km car in Argentina with discounts of up to 750,000 pesos

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The most remote bonus: it is related to cars that lovely, luxury cars, tags and amenities. The aim is for the decline of the sector

In the middle of the crisis that crosses the equipment department, especially to the 0 km line that comes from four months from a continuous journey, the Black Friday is a " trying to do a sale. And it's up to date as it was before.

Although some progress has come from before, The motto will arrive at Black Friday with a strong laser light. Cover all types of vehicles, with bonuses that can reach up to 750,000 pesos, Clarin published.

Chevrolet is one of the companies that inspire motto. So there are modules such as the Cruze LT, with a mobile box, with a $ 185,000 reduction, which is priced at a price of $ 746,900.

There are also discounts on the SUW FWD Tracker, which has $ 100,000 packing at $ 705,900; the Onix Joy LS MT, a $ 122,000 bonus at $ 360,900; and the S10 2.8 TD 4X2 LS MT option has a $ 85,000 discount.

Peugeot is on the full range of SUV 2008, with rebounds between $ 111,305 and $ 169,235. But there are also benefits for the 208 (up to $ 60,575), 308 (up to $ 162,425), 408 (up to 140,372) and the Resource Partner (up to $ 57,460), Expert ($ 96,800) and Boxer ($ 245,701).

Ford also offers appeals to some modules.

Most of them are the one who receives the utility transit, which is $ 140,000. But the Ranger's election, for example, has reduced $ 125,000 on XL version 4X2 CD 2.2L Diesel 6MT, and $ 100,000 on the other part of the range, typically only the machines naphtero.

In addition, there are discounts on Fiesta ($ 45,000) and EcoSport ($ 100,000). In addition, the oval brand offers some funding options.

It is another company in Citroën that is a promoting its benefits by banner Friday Fridays.

These include the C3 Feel models (there is a $ 148,000 reduction of $ 485,000), C3 Aircross (- $ 167,000, $ 519,000 final price), C-Elysée (with discounts of three versions of up to $ 165,500) and C4 Lounge Live (- $ 129,000, final price of $ 559,000). There is also a reubalt for Berlingo, Jumpy and Geansa.

Volkswagen will do the same as a & # 39; Ghile priced at $ 369,900 and Amarok's election starts at $ 849,900, for the Trendline 4×2 trend with a double cab.

In addition, it offers different funding options for several of its modules.

Honda has the advantages of SUV HR-V benefits, which is $ 83,600 for the EX conversion and $ 93,350 for the EXL, which leaves the final prices at $ 795,000 and $ 880,000, separately.

Hyundai practically flashes up to its full range of vehicles.

Starting with the i10, which has a profit of $ 168,300 (-4,500 dollars) a & # 39; leaving its last price of $ 535,050, and # 39; going through Crete SUVs (- $ 261,800 and living at $ 848,700) and Tucson (- $ 187,000 and start at $ 1,162,350), until Santa Fe arrives at a $ 452,540 reduction put at $ 2,199,240.

But the logo has the biggest discounts of Ditecar, who sells our Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo in our country. And although these are high-priced high-level models compared to expensive vehicles, the reduction of their stop has not attracted attention.

The whole range of Jaguar is won by 15 thousand dollars, about $ 561,000. Although Volvo will get rebounds of 20 thousand dollars, equivalent to $ 748,000 depending on the current change, for the S90 and XC90 models. The V40 and S60 also receive "heavy appeals", although the reminder has not specified the amount.

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