The Buenosairean Lottery gave a response to the Church's critics against Maria Eugenia Vidal's campaign to give more games of opportunity to his faithfulness

Provincial Lottery president Matías Lanusse responded to a letter in which he says "this government has proven with decisions and hard actions that are not willing to allow its game to grow and influence the most vulnerable of our society. And not words, they are real. "

The text also states that "this legislation and its regulations they will allow us to use boundaries to protect our neighbors and protect them, reduced the risk of suffering and disease, and establish a legal framework to ensure that activity does not grow. "

He also says "since we started, we closed 3 casinos and two bingo halls, including we did not let the Puente La Noria bingo take action. there are so many concerns"

And he says: "This amount is It is not run by an interesting tax collection. Well from that and to promote this type of game, the collection of the fee that is proposed is only a way of finishing control of the & # 39; activity and protection of citizens ".

Earlier day, through the conversation, the Catholic center had said that society could not have a " discuss the online games arrangement because it should "and the most miserable areas have "effects", where achievement goals are.

"Any young person from the cell phone can be in line with the huge offer offered by our online game, the people who are very vulnerable in which we live messages or "Just and dangerous," he asked. "How does a boy get into this situation that the State, instead of thinking about his training and his / her first job, offers timbrels as a life-solving solution? " He asked.

For the CEA, the poorer people who suffer from the economic crisis can think of "potentially assaulting a solution" to their situation. "And he warned him: "We know from the experience of the pain it causes in the family when the game becomes dangerous". "This means that everyone who is banking, even for social support, is a potential player," he said.

The controversy is still open.

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