The complainant opposed the issuing of his complaint; Cristina Kirchner asked her first oral test against him

The federal procurator Diego Luciani He opposed the beginning of his / her oral and public trial case by the former President CRistina Kirchner and others that disregard the anomalies that appear to be in the process of allowing public works to the businessman Lazaro Báez, scheduled for the end of the month.

In his opinion he spent this year, and he agreed to it Group: from legal sources, Luciani send it to her & # 39; A court that was in charge of the case was refused the request from the old president's defense for the start of his / her process and then asked the date to be & # 39; expected to be maintained.

The defense of the grandfather asked Friday will then eliminate the oral test start until it is finished and collect all evidence of the case that will be examined. The most important thing is the result of an accounting report on some of the objections of public jobsa.

Before resolving, the Federal Court 2 is made up of judges Jorge Gorini, Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu and Jorge Tassara, he will ask the procurator's opinion that he will be at his / her; the lawsuit. And Luciani challenged him. He said that he did not explain the defense as he asked what to do; Proof of having to & # 39; Starting a lawsuit resulting from the expert and is not currently due to & # 39; It can be done as it happened in other cases.

He also said that the protection does not have to be & that; bankruptcy It is an advanced plan. Finally, Luciani introduced Argentina to comply with international inter-international contracts in which he accelerated this kind of causes.

In addition to the Finance Office, the Financial Information Unit (UIF) and the Anti-Corrosion Office (OA), who are the applicants, will give their opinion. But in addition, his court will send an official letter to the Corps of Expert Experts of the High Court of Justice of Nation where he will Consultation in the terms the final result from the expert's report.

With this response – the judges are not required to consider the Finance Office – they will decide whether to delay the confirmation of the start of the test or its starting day, the next February 26 at 12 o'clock. Legal media told these media, if the answer is in a short time the experts submit their report, the test is & # 39; start at the end of the month. But if they spend longer, a new date will be set.

In his opinion, Luciani asked that the request for suspension would be refused, the first would be confirmed on February 26, and that the oral court should complete all stages to Have all the evidence that can be seen in the case.

This is not the only recommendation made by the protection of Cristina Kirchner, who is in charge of the lawyer Carlos Beraldi. He also asked that his case would not be proved in the Comodoro Py courts, but in Santa Cruz's justice. The only protection application made for Carlos Santiago Kirchner, formerly an officer of the Ministry of Federal Planning, co-cousin of former former president Nestor Kirchner, who is a prisoner in the United States. case. Procurator Luciani needs to give his thoughts.

A similar suggestion was made when the case was examined. Báez asked to go to Santa Cruz and met the old president and his current grandfather. The two judges of the case, Julián Ercolini, as the Standardized Chamber refused and file continued to work in the federal justice of Buenos Aires.

Due to the anomalies outlined in the public works with Cristina, Báez and Carlos Kirchner, a further 13 people will be considered. Among them, at the top of the Ministry of Federal Planning: Julio De Vido, José López, Abal Fatala and Nestor Periotti.

In a lawsuit, it will be checked if it is during the Kirchner administration Grupo Austral, of Báez, was given an irregularity of 52 public works contracts for the large Santa Cruz department for 46 billion pesos. The charge for crimes Unlawful society and middle-level illness as he was committed to adversely affecting public administration.

"I am in a position to confirm that we are looking at an unprecedented unprecedented event, and provide the information that makes up the The movement that is given to him, from the years in which he died, allowed irregularities that had to be removed and committed criminal boundaries of non- Normally, they happen, "Judge Ercolini said in December 2016 when he put forward Cristina Kirchner.

There are other reasons for the upcoming current president and current grandfather. He has already risen to an oral test with his / her; to register a & # 39; An understanding memoir with Iran, the dollar, Los Sauces in the future and eThere will be a summary for the Hotesur case. Unlike public works, these files do not have a starting date. In addition, there is a proven procedure in the purpose of the notes of corruption notes.

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