The dollar broke more than one piece and reached $ 38.50 before carrying arms off arms

The dollar broke more than one piece and reached $ 38.50 before carrying arms off arms

Amazingly, the green tree grew up to $ 1.07, where the fourth was a continuous increase. Works that have been consulted hereby means that money has been given before investing in local money. The dollar is sold at 37 pesos in Posadas.

In the market of a sale, US currency leaping from $ 1.10 to $ 37.60, which is $ 39.00. represents the most important everyday increase in almost two months. So, an increase of $ 1.67 was collected per week.

Operators that have been consulted hereby means that the wonder is the money they've got; happens before money comes out from investments of bets in weight levels (and trade behaviors), which have decreased gradually in the past weeks.

Indeed, the Middle Bank is worth checking this Friday in the daily auction of Leliq's new cutting-edge, stayed at 61.405% annually (from 61.699%). The sum amounted to $ 134,844 million, and b. The highest is 61,749% (from 62%).

It is worth noting that Leliq's term holiday last Friday from 7 to 10 days since the first Friday there will be a banking holiday for the G-20 roof.

In market, they also have a & # 39; explains that the high demand for a dollar is compatible with the generosity of gratitude in pesos due to the recent offer of Lebac, last Tuesday (about $ 122,000 million).

Despite the increase of the number, already on the high levels agreed by Central and the Finance Department, to prevent a high increase in inflation, there are areas of work that are in place, Starting to be re-established in dollars due to the end of year's approach and the uncertain political landscape that faces the president's elections. 2019

On the day of Friday, the demand for cover was introduced early in the development of jobs and the promotion of a steady increase in prices that set out the previous values ​​to exceed a $ 37, – Last-day.

In the last part of the day, demand for money was increased and its values ​​reached a maximum of $ 37.90, which was not acceptable until the end of the session, analyst Gustavo Quintana.

At the same time, the public banks (Nation, Province and City) did not attend their attendance; public for a 24 hour strike with La Bancaria requesting salary increases.

• The dollar is valued in the world

The weight on the dollar in the local market was based on how good the money in the world was, where it loved and was on its way to increase per cent of weekly seats were recorded in a month, before reducing the risk of risk and exploration of the door to the part of investors after a dramatic drop in oil prices that suggested growth in the world-wide pull down.

The yen and the French Franciscan, considering two well-preserved funds, were also progressive, when dropping down oil prices dropped off; risk attack in the markets.

The 7.3% poor US income fell to hit a low $ 50.63 barrel session, the lowest from October 2017. Brent lost 5.2% to 59.34 dollars, also the lowest level since October 2017.

"The danger has been the main factor of the week, with poor prices for market weather driving," said Shaun Osborne, chief finance engineer at Scotiabank in Toronto.

But the short-term vision for the dollar has become more difficult because some of the recent figures for the US economy have been more and more impaired and several Feasal Reserve officers have been cautious. In general, researchers believe that the deer may be near to the end; their change cycle.

The euro has now dropped on signs that economic growth could be overlapping across the eurozone, as well as its concerns over Brexit and Italy budget discussions.

• Other cash markets

In an informal market, at the same time, jumping the blue $ 1 to $ 37.50, according to a survey; This midfield in caves in the middle of Buenos Aires. The "money settlement" was credited on Wednesday 22 cents to $ 36.23.

Finally, the Mid Bank holds $ 4 million on Thursday and closed at $ 51,831 million. (Scope)

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